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World Wars Instructions

Click on a region to select the troops, click an enemy region to attack.

World Wars Walkthrough

A simple war game where territory is passed around like a basketball. World Wars is a luck-based turn-based strategy where you are up against up to six computer opponents in a massive free for all. On the battlefield, you are represented by the blue army, and the turn ends on your command.

Only regions that have two or more troops can attack an enemy region, because no war game fan would leave a territory undefended. When you attack an enemy, both sides roll a number of d6s (six sided die) equal to the troop number on their respective sides. If the attacker wins, the defending unit is destroyed, and all but one of the troop stack move into the region. If the defender wins, all but one of the attacking stack is killed and is driven back. If there is a tie, the defender wins.

As long as at least one unit adjacent to an enemy region has two troops, you can attack as many times as you want. The maximum amount of troops any region can have is 8, where their icon is depicted by a plane.

When your turn ends, you will get a random assortment of reinforcements on random regions under your control. These may end up in regions far from the battlefield, which renders them useless on the offense since units can only attack in World Wars, not move. A major difference from a handful of war games.

Tips: It's a smart idea to bide your time at the start until you have a good handful of soldiers, and then smash up your enemies after they take over a large chunk of the area.

Try not to get discouraged, the game is very luck-based and you can feel overwhelmed when an enemy takes over five areas in one turn, but those areas will have very few troops in them allowing for retaliation. War Games can feel like one side is dominating but they usually leave a major hole in their defenses when they go all-out.