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World Wars 2 Instructions

World Wars 2 is controlled by using the mouse. To attack an adjacent territory, click on the army that you wish to attack with and click on an enemy territory that you wish to attack. Click on cards to use them. Some cards require you to click on the territory that you wish for them be used on.

World Wars 2 Walkthrough

World Wars 2 is a sequel to the war game, World Wars. This strategy game features improved graphics and AI over its predecessor, as well as the addition of cards that add an additional tactical edge to gameplay. Like its predecessor, World Wars 2 features gameplay similar to the classic board game, Risk.

The objective of World Wars 2 is to capture all territories on the map while making sure that your territories are not overrun. In this war game, conflicts are fought between two to eight sides. You are always in control of the blue forces. If this is your first time playing World Wars 2, or you want an easier gameplay experience, I advise you to select two players to fight one-on-one against a single opponent. It is also a good idea to select a map where your territories are connected if you are new to this strategy game since reinforcements are determined by the largest number of adjacent territories in your possession.

To attack an enemy territory, you must select a territory that you wish to attack from, then select an adjacent enemy territory to attack. A six-sided die is rolled for each attacking army and for each defending army. The army that has the highest roll wins. If the attacker wins, one army will stay in the territory that launched the attack while the remaining armies will occupy the conquered territory. If the defenders win the roll or the rolls are tied, the attackers will be crushed and only one army will remain in the territory that launched the attack. For these reasons, it is best to attack territories when you have overwhelming numbers and will not face the danger of losing territories that will be left undefended by your forces in this war game.

It is also a good idea to keep your territories connected in World Wars 2. The number of reinforcements that you receive at the end of each turn is equal to the number of territories in the largest grouping of adjacent territories in your possession. This also applies to your enemies, so if you want to reduce their reinforcements, try to drive a wedge between their holdings.

The addition of cards to World Wars 2 adds another strategic edge to the game absent from its predecessor. Various cards have different effects, so be sure to read what they do before using them. Offensive cards can help you take territories where your enemy is heavily-entrenched, while defensive cards can bolster your defenses where your forces are thing. It is not a good idea to rely solely on cards in this war game, but they can be used to help you to gain victory.

World Wars 2 is a strategy game that will bring out the general in you. If you are a fan of turn-based war games similar to Risk, then you will enjoy World Wars 2.