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Select and place towers used the mouse and the left mouse button. Collect resources by moving the mouse over the resources as they appear.

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Zack's Hardware is one of the most unique map based tower defense war games online simply because the story of the game is so unique. Instead of having to defend your tower against enemy soldiers or various ghosts and ghouls, in this game, you are defending your tower against your own inventions that have turned against you and are now trying to destroy you. All you wanted to do was make toys but now those toys you've invented have turned against you and you're forced to hide in a wardrobe as they attack. There are seven levels in this game, each of which has twelve waves of increasingly difficult enemies to take out. Your goal is to survive all seven levels and make it out alive. In this game it's kill or be killed and surviving definitely isn't easy.

The basic premise of Zack's Hardware is really no different than that of most other map based tower defense games online. The difference is in the story that goes along with the game. Basically, you have your base to defend as you would in most war games. In this case, your base is the wardrobe where you are hiding. You have enemy army units. In this game, those enemy units are the toys. You need to destroy your enemy before your enemy destroys you by building a strong defensive line made of different types of towers. Each tower has its own strengths and weaknesses. This is true of the towers in any other type of game. In the beginning, you'll only be able to afford basic defense towers, but as you kill enemies you will be given more resources which can be used to build the higher level towers. Although the basic defense towers don't deliver as much damage as the more advanced weapons, they will be more than enough to get you through the first few waves in the first few levels if you place them well. Use the basic towers and reserve resources for later in the game when you'll need heavier fire power.

In Zack's Hardware you are presented with a map which is where you will be fighting the enemy toys and various types of towers you can build to defend yourself. You will need to constantly add new towers to deal with the newer, tougher enemies that approach. You will need to collect resources in order to build towers. Collecting resources isn't always easy. As the enemies get tougher, you will need to collect more resources to build stronger defense towers. You can collect resources as you kill enemies. You don't get resources for every single enemy you kill which is part of what makes this game so difficult. Resources are vital if you want to get anywhere in the game but the limited number you collect ensures you have to be careful with how you spend them. Although it is tempting to just pepper the path enemies approach along with as many towers as you can, doing this can leave you short should you find you need additional defense. Only buy the towers you need to defend youtself. Figuring out what towers you need and how many towers you need to build will take a little logic and a little experience. The game starts off easy, allowing you to get used to how the game is played and the best way to build towers but remember, there are twelve waves of attack in each of the seven levels and in many of the later levels, you will need to add new towers constantly to keep up with your enemies. This means you will need to have a fair stock of resources available. It isn't easy, but with a little planning and smart buying, you should be able to do it. You have only a limited number of hit points (shown at the top right of the screen) before your game is over. Each time you allow an enemy to pass through to the wardrobe where you are hiding, you lose one of those hit points. If you reach zero, the game is over.

The game screen in Zack's Hardware presents a lot of information that can be a little overwhelming to someone who isn't used to playing map based tower defense war games. Along the top of the screen starting at the left you have your resources (screws, springs, cogs and motors), you current level, your hit points and the menu button you can use to return to the main menu or pause the game. Different towers will take different resources and different quantities of resources. You'll need to consider what you have of each resource and whether you should use all of one resource on a particular tower or if there are better options by looking at what you have for resources as you are deciding. Along the bottom of the screen you'll see the numbers 1-12 with a left pointing arrow on the far left of the row. Each of these numbered buttons represents a wave of enemies. The buttons will move closer to the arrow on the left as time passes. When the number reaches the arrow the next wave of enemies will be deployed. Keep an eye on all of this information. It's extremely important. Hovering your mouse over one of the buttons will enable you to see basic information about the next enemy you'll see; including how many hit points you will need to deliver to each unit to destroy it. This will greatly help when planning your battle strategy for that next wave. As you build and place towers, watch how close the next wave is to attacking. Have as many of the towers you will need placed before the wave attacks. Focus on the beginning of the map first to try to thin out the army so you aren't so overwhelmed trying to place towers at the end.

Deciding what towers to place in Zack's Hardware is really what makes the game so difficult. Your tower panel is shown along the right side of the screen. At the top of the panel, you are shown what towers there are available to built throughout the game, but not all of those towers are always going to be available depending on what you have for resources. The towers you have enough resources to build will be outlined in the panel in green. Clicking on the tower will show you all of the information you need to know about it. This information will be shown in a panel directly below your main tower panel. At the top of the information panel you'll see a picture of the tower on the left and how many resources are required to build it on the right. Below that, you'll see how many damage points a shot from that tower will inflict on your enemies, how long it will take the weapon to reload between shots, the range the weapon offers and how long it takes to build the weapon. In addition, you'll see three icons above the 'build' button in the bottom panel. The first icon on the left represents splash damage. The next icon indicated whether or not a weapon slows down enemies when it hits them with shots and the third icon represents whether or not the weapon is good for battle against flying enemies. All of these things offer valuable information when choosing a tower to build. If any of these icons is shown in color for a tower, that tower offers the feature that corresponds with the icon. For example, if a tower has the second and third icons in color it slows down enemies when it hits them with a shot and it is also good for battle with flying targets.

Once you decide which tower you want to build, click the 'build' button and wait until the button reads 'ready'. Click ready and place the tower on the map. You can only place towers in an area on the map which is not shaded in or on top of obstacles or towers you've already placed. When you're preparing to place your tower, you won't actually see an image of the tower. Instead, you'll see a large green circle with a smaller red circle in the middle. The red circle in the middle represents your tower. The green circle represents your tower's range. Use the range indicator circle to determine the best place to put your tower. Curves in a path make great places to build towers as it allows a single tower to target an enemy in multiple directions. Also, consider focusing your defensive line around the beginning of the path where enemies will enter. Once you have the beginning covered, focus on the end to take care of any enemies that have gotten through your defenses at the beginning. From there you can cover anywhere in the middle that needs to be protected. Remember though, you don't need to go overboard. Your resources are precious and shouldn't be wasted.

The great thing about Zack's Hardware, and one of the aspects of the game that makes it so unique is that each time a tower destroys an enemy it will receive experience points. You can use these points to upgrade the tower. Each tower is upgraded individually, and only towers that have earned enough experience points can be upgraded. Try keeping towers separated in the beginning so they can take out more enemies on their own. This allows them to build experience points much faster and therefore, be upgraded much faster. To upgrade a tower, or to see if a tower can be upgraded, simply click on the tower and look at the information panel. It will be in the same place as the information panel for a tower you are considering buying. You'll see the level the tower is currently at, the things that can be upgraded (increased damage points per shot, faster reload, increased range) and how many experience points you have. If you are able to make any upgrades, you will be able to click on the arrows beside 'damage', 'reload' and 'range' to use some of that towers experience points. Upgrades are vital if you hope to beat all seven levels of this game.